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International Business Major

More and more, top-level and executive positions are reserved for professionals with international experience.

The International Business (IB) program at Elizabethtown College offers an innovative, practical and integrated curriculum that combines business skills with proficiency in a foreign language, practical experiences, understanding of other cultures and effective communications from a global perspective. The selective nature of our program allows us to bring in an exceedingly talented and motivated class each year to learn about global business management from close interactions with our faculty and to benefit from networking opportunities with members of the IB Advisory Board.

With E-town, you will learn about International Business management in our brand new finance lab in the Hoover Center for Business. Our professors will help you to interact with real businesses while working with real-time global commerce data.

Our goal is to prepare every student for any position anywhere in the world after graduation. That’s why we require our students to participate in a study abroad experience and work on real projects for multinational companies. These opportunities allow our students to engage with global business strategies in a foreign country before they graduate, giving them an advantage over their peers from other colleges and universities. 

Our selective program has distinct components that, together, give you the skills and knowledge you need to work in today's global marketplace:

Participate in an internship and work on real projects for multinational companies. Be mentored by an international business executive in your area of interest.

Learn how businesses operate within the global community. Concentrate your studies in one of five areas: accounting, economics, finance, management or marketing. You'll also Gain an understanding of the history, economic and political systems of different cultures, and master the skills to interact and negotiate effectively in the global community.

Hone your language skills in Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Spanish and spend a semester or a year to study abroad at no additional cost.

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