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With practical exposure and high academic standards, our graduates are prepared for the rigors of law school and graduate school. Legal Studies majors regularly earn admission to competitive law school and graduate school programs across the country. Alumni have pursued successful careers as attorneys, academics, lobbyists and government relations experts.

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Legal Studies

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The Legal Studies major provides an interdisciplinary course of study that combines courses and learning outcomes from business, communications, English, history, political science, philosophy and other liberal arts disciplines. Students explore issues such as justice, order, rights, the human condition and ethical assumptions underlying the competing concepts of human nature and society. The Legal Studies major especially is recommended for students who are considering careers in law, higher education or public service.

In a wide range of classes, preparing you for the rigors of a legal career, you will learn to formulate arguments and learn to analyze textual claims. You also will learn the basics of political philosophy and law.

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As a result of the program, graduates will be able to:

formulate cogent arguments and skillfully critique the arguments of others.

communicate effectively and fluently in speech and in writing.

conduct independent, original research, demonstrating the ability to gather, organize and present evidence, data or information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.

critically analyze the relationship between law, government and society.

discuss and understand major theories and criticisms of law from an interdisciplinary perspective.

evaluate the quality of legal research, whether it employs social scientific methods (quantitative or qualitative) or legal research methods.

Legal Studies majors who are interested in law school are encouraged to participate in the Elizabethtown College Pre-Law Program. The Pre-Law Program offers engagement in cocurricular activities, preparation for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and a strong advisory component to assist students in course selection.