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Elizabethtown College Produces Most Finnegan Fellows

Elizabethtown College has produced 22 Finnegan Fellows—the most out of any Pennsylvania college or university. And a lot of that has to do with mentorship.

Why Study Political Science at Elizabethtown

If you like to be in the midst of politics, you’ll enjoy Elizabethtown College.

Areas of Study

The Department of Political Science at Elizabethtown College offers a bachelor of arts in Political Science, as well as a minor.

Political Science

Political science is one of the most popular liberal arts majors at Elizabethtown College. As of spring 2010, there were 55 majors and 20 minors. Many of our students are campus leaders, such as Student Senate officers, editors of the student newspaper, and student-athletes.

 Our students are active members of campus, the community and the globe: we have several student organizations, plenty of opportunities for research and study abroad and lots of field trips and interactive classes.

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