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Social Media & Blog Comment Policy

Elizabethtown College’s Facebook community is meant to be an interactive place where people can receive information about the College and engage in conversation. We want to hear from you, and we encourage comments, questions, and suggestions.

no sign We enacted some “house rules” to ensure everyone has a positive experience on our Facebook page and other interactive College media such as our magazine website and social media blog.

Please understand that we will not tolerate:

  • Abusive, harassing, stalking, threatening or personally attacking others
  • Defamatory, offensive, obscene, or vulgar comments
  • Hateful language targeting race/ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality or political beliefs
  • Fraudulent, deceptive, misleading or unlawful posts/comments
  • Trolling or deliberate disruption of discussion
  • Content that is spamming in nature
  • Solicitation of goods or services
  • Uploading files or links that contain viruses or programs that could damage the operation of other people’s computers
  • Any posts about a legal issue, legal case, or attorneys
  • Posting of any personal information including, but not limited to, email address or phone number

We strongly encourage fans of this page to respect fellow community members and to follow Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Elizabethtown College reserves the right to remove any posts that don’t adhere to our guidelines, listed above. We also reserve the right to block anyone who violates these guidelines from posting on our page.

Please note that Elizabethtown College does not endorse any opinions, visuals or other type of material on this page not specifically posted by us. Additionally, the College is not responsible for the accuracy of the claims, information, advice or comments posted by fans and visitors of the page.


Major and Minors at Elizabethtown College

50+ majors, 80+ minors & concentrations

Our core curriculum emphasizes creative thinking, decision–making and problem-solving skills.
About Elizabethtown College

About Elizabethtown College

Our commitment is to Educate for Service, discover how that has/and will continue to shape our history.
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At Elizabethtown College, your ideas matter. We encourage you to speak your mind and share your thoughts.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our students received about $26.2 million in institutional scholarships and grants during the 2010-2011 academic year.
Elizabethtown College