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After receiving an official financial aid package from Elizabethtown College, a student may be the recipient of an outside scholarship, award or grant. It is the policy of Elizabethtown College that the first $1,000 in outside scholarships or awards received will not reduce the amount of institutional gift aid. In cases where a student receives more than $1,000 in outside awards, the College will reduce its institutional need-based gift aid (i.e. Trustee) by 50% of the scholarship(s) received in excess of $1,000.(If the student’s need has been met 100% by financial aid, then aid will have to be reduced by 100% of the outside scholarship, award or grant. If the student has not received any need-based gift aid, this policy does not apply.)

This policy allows the students to benefit from the outside scholarships, and, at the same time, the College is able to maintain the parameters of its program. In some cases, the self-help component of the package (job or loan) may also need to be reduced. Merit-based scholarships (Presidential, Provost, Dean’s) are not reduced by outside scholarships but could be reduced by late receipt of VA benefits or tuition benefits.

Federal law requires that the Financial Aid Office must be notified in writing of any outside awards, including loans. A copy of the letter from the outside organization is preferable. Important note: Outside loans may also have an impact on the financial aid package. Contingent upon the financial profile remaining the same, need-based gift aid will return to the original level of funding if outside scholarships are not renewed in subsequent years.


FastWEB offers over 400,000 listings of scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans representing billions of dollars in private sector funding. It is used by colleges across the United States. FastWEB is now available free, courtesy of Student Services, Inc. and Elizabethtown College.


FASTaiD is listed as the world's largest free online scholarship database. This is a comprehensive site containing a wide variety of financial aid information for students and parents.

CollegeNET is another free, comprehensive scholarship search tool containing thousands of scholarships.

Yet another free and easy source of potential scholarships.

PASFAA Scholarship

DEADLINE DATE: May 1, 2015

Click Here to Apply

The Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA) is a dynamic, service association whose mission is:

  • To provide for the professional development of members and other constituencies
  • To advocate for access to post-secondary education, and
  • To educate the public on financial aid and funding opportunities.

Student Eligibility
All students applying for the PASFAA Scholarship must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Pennsylvania resident - If you are 18 years of age or older you must be a Pennsylvania resident for at least the 12 consecutive months before you file the FAFSA (excluding any time you are enrolled in a Pennsylvania postsecondary school, if you came into or remained in Pennsylvania for the purpose of attending a school or college). If you are under 18 years of age you must have a supporting parent or guardian who has been a Pennsylvania resident for at least the 12 consecutive months before you filed the FAFSA.
  • Enrolled at least half-time, in a degree-seeking program in a post-secondary institution of higher education OR a diploma/certificate program in the Nursing or BT&T Sector only
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 from a post-secondary institution of higher education
  • Scholarships are non-renewable, but students are welcome to reapply
  • Preference will be given to applicants attending schools that are part of the PASFAA membership
  • No more than one scholarship per year will be given to each of the following sectors: Business Trade & Technical, Nursing, Private Four Year, Public Two Year, PASSHE, State- Related and Graduate Schools

Applications must be received by midnight of the deadline date to: Brandi Darr, Director of Financial Aid, PASFAA Scholarship Chair,

PASFAA Scholarship Fact Sheet





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