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  Mailing Address:
Admissions Office
One Alpha Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17022-2298

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Paula Orenstein
Paula F. Orenstein
Senior Associate Director of Admissions & Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment
Text or call: 717-361-1376
Travel territory: Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and York Counties in PA and New York state (excluding NYC and Long Island)
Polly serves as a transfer counselor and OT admissions liaison.
Fun Fact: My debatable vocal talents were featured regularly in a highly popular musical segment on a top-rated Central Pennsylvania morning radio program during the late 1980's and early 1990's.
Pets: Gonzo, the world's worst-behaved dog, is a lovable rescue whose official breed is "of questionable parentage."
David Stewart
David Stewart
Associate Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment
Text or call: 717-361-1166
Travel territory: Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties in PA; Washington, D.C.; Northern VA; New York City; variety of locations consistent with duties as the Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment.
David serves as the Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment and oversees the telecounselor program.
Favorite Food: A classic, macaroni and cheese!
 Dream Vacation: A two-week trip exploring the many countries of the African continent.
Lauren Deibler
Lauren Deibler
Director of Admissions and Coordinator of International Recruitment
Text or call: 717-361-1162
Travel territory: Lehigh Valley and Western Pennsylvania
Lauren focuses on coordinating international recruitment.
Pets: A cat named Mini Pickle Trashcan.
Favorite Hobby: Skiiing
Dream Vacation: Bavaria, Germany
Adam Moore
Adam Moore
Assistant Director of Admissions
Text or call: 717-361-1161
Travel territory: North eastern and north central Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware state.
Adam serves as the liaison for Department Days and Athletics.
Fun Fact: I was class president and captain of the men's lacrosse team during my time as a student at E-town.
Pets: A beagle/corgi mix named Cane - we picked him up during a hurricane in my sophomore year at E-town.
Monica Stewart
Monica Stewart
Assistant Director of Admission, Coordinator of On-Campus Programming & Peer Mentor Program
Text or call: 717-361-1191
Monica is responsible for overseeing On-Campus Programming, Law Early Admission Program (L.E.A.P.), Counselor Programming Coordinator and the Peer Mentor Program.
Favorite Food: Thai Green Curry - the spicier the better!
Dream Vacation : A year-long trip around the world with my husband and daughter. Bring on all of the zip lining, snorkeling, hiking and various forms of transportation to explore as much of the world as possible and have a blast while doing it.
Annie Skrabak
Annie Skrabak
Admissions Counselor
Text or call: 717-361-1163
Travel territory: Long Island, Northern New Jersey, and New England
Annie coordinates our orientation programs.
Pets: Two cats named Kit Kat and Kisses, as they were found near Hershey as kittens!
Favorite Hobbies:  

I played club Ultimate Frisbee in college and still throw a pretty decent hammer. I'm also a bit of a thrill seeker and will go on any roller coaster (I'm partial to Hersheypark's Skyrush and Lightning Racer) and I've been skydiving!

Annie Skrabak
Kyle Farkas
Admissions Counselor
Text or call: 717-361-1164
Travel territory: Maryland state
Favorite Food: Peanut butter, straight out of the jar with a spoon!
Fun Fact: I now work down the hall from the first person I met at E-town.
Favorite Hobbies: I enjoy being outside, going on hikes and spending too much time in the gym.
Suping Chen
Suping Chen
Assistant Coordinator of International Recruiting
Text or call: 717-361-1400
Suping assists international students from China.
Favorite Hobbies: I love singing, reading, writing and traveling.
Favorite Saying: Never give up and there is another new day tomorrow.

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