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Film Studies Minor

New Film Studies Minor

Elizabethtown students can now minor in film studies. The minor not only looks at film as an art form—looking at the cinematography and screenwriting—it also examines these works as cultural artifacts. Read more about the Film Studies Minor Announcement or checkout the Film Studies Minor catalog requirements.

Why Study Philosophy at Elizabethtown College

Discover all of the reasons to study Philosophy at Elizabethtown College.

Areas of Study

Courses in the Department of Philosophy are designed to explore fundamental issues of knowledge, value and meaning.

Clubs and Activities: Philosophy Students Get Involved

In 2011, students in the Environmental Ethics class planted a tree on campus.

Philosophy at E-town

Deepen your understanding of yourself – and the world around you

Questions about the nature of justice, happiness, knowledge, truth and freedom are as crucial and controversial today as they were for ancient philosophers. When you study philosophy at Elizabethtown College you'll examine alternative world views and develop your awareness of intellectual history.

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