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The office of Disability Services makes determinations regarding appropriate accommodations and adjustments on a case-by-case basis with a great deal of input from the student.  Once we establish a clear understanding of how the disability affects the individual student, we need to consider the unique characteristics of the particular course, program of study, or activity in which the student is engaged.  The purpose of accommodations is to provide equal access for students with disabilities.  Proposed accommodations that represent a fundamental alteration or change in any essential features of the course or program of study are not reasonable under ADAA.  Additionally, some courses and programs of study have technical standards.  Technical standards are often non-academic but none-the-less essential requirements either to enter into a particular program of study or pass a particular course or fieldwork experience.  All students must be able to meet essential technical standards in a course or field of study.

Students should meet with either the director or assistant director of disability service prior to the beginning of each semester in order to make informed decisions regarding reasonable accommodations for each course.  In some cases, consultation with faculty about course requirements will be necessary in order to make a determination.  Some accommodations, such as obtaining sign language interpreters or captioned versions of films for students who are deaf or hard of hearing or textbooks in alternate format for students with print disorders, may take a few weeks to arrange. 

The office of Disability Services will give each student a letters specifying the accommodations for which they qualify.   Students should make an appointment with each of their faculty, give them a copy of the letter, and discuss the implementation of each of the accommodations listed.  Faculty should contact disability services immediately if they think a particular accommodation is unreasonable or represents a fundamental alteration of a course or program of study. Students should contact disability services immediately if a particular accommodation request is denied.  In either case, the office of disability services will arrange a meeting with all three parties to discuss alternative options to provide access.


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