Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) is a group of faculty members committed to helping students interested in the health professions.  Our job is to advise these students, assist them in choosing elective courses and help them navigate the requirements and expectations of those intending to go on in a health-related field.

If you are currently a student at Elizabethtown and interested in one of the health professions, you should contact Dr. Aaron Cecala, Chair of the Committee at your earliest opportunity.

Committee Members:

Dr. Aaron Cecala

Chair, Health Professions Advising Committee
Associate Professor of Biology | 717-361-1341 | Lyet 241

Advising: All Health Professions

Aaron Cecala

Dr. Diane Bridge

Associate Professor of Biology | 717-361-1177 | Lyet 247

Advising: Medicine

Diane Bridge

Dr. Thomas E. Hagan

Associate Professor of Chemistry | 717-361-1125 | M210

  • B.S., Chemistry
  • Villanova University, 1985
  • Ph.D., Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • University of Delaware, 1992
Dr. Thomas E. Hagan

Dr. James MacKay

Associate Professor of Chemistry | 717-361-1375 | Musser 208

Advising: Medicine and Pharmacy

James MacKay

Dr. Debra L. Wohl

Professor of Biology | 717-361-1326 | Lyet 144

Advising: Physician Assistants

Debra Wohl


Mrs. Janice Davis

Administrative Assistant | 717-361-1389 | Lyet 143

Janice Davis