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About Modern Languages

The study of Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish at Elizabethtown College unites practical training in language skills with an understanding of culture, history, and literature.

Language Placement 


Access the placement exam below AFTER  reading the General Information.

The password is  password  in all lowercase letters.



General Information

  • If you want to take a course in Spanish, French, German or Chinese and have had more than two years of instruction in that language, you need to complete the ML Placement Exam for that language. You are not allowed to take the 111 level of a language if you have completed high school level 3 or higher, no matter what the placement exam results are.
  • If you choose a course from among the ML department's offerings and have had two years or less of instruction in that language, you do not need to complete the ML Placement exam, and you can take the 111 course of that language. If you believe you should take a more advanced course than 111, you should take the placement exam.
  • If you choose to start studying a new language, you do not need to complete the ML Placement exam. You must take the 111 course of that language.
  •  If you would like to continue studies in Japanese, please contact Dr. Mahua Bhattacharya to determine your proper placement.
  •  Several ancient languages are offered (i.e. Sanskrit, Biblical Hebrew, Classical Greek and Latin). No language placement is required through the Modern Languages department for these courses. For details, please consult the professor of the course you wish to take.


 You can only take the placement exam  ONCE .


  • If you place yourself into a course lower than where you tested, you will not receive credit for it.
  • You MUST print a copy of your placement score for your own records.
  • If you are bilingual, or a native or heritage speaker of a language, you must arrange a personal oral interview with the Department of Modern Languages to determine proper placement.
  • The Department of Modern Languages reserves the right to change a student's placement in a course if it believes that the student has not been placed at the appropriate level, or in the most appropriate course, based on the student's exposure to the language.


Any questions related to the Placement Exam should be directed to




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