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Jeff Long

Learn from Internationally Known Faculty

Dr. Jeff Long, professor of religion at Elizabethtown College, publishes and speaks internationally on the subject of religious pluralism.

Leadership and Patel

Why Interfaith Leadership Studies?

Interfaith leadership and service are increasingly important in the arena of global politics, but also matter greatly in local communities, suburbs, and cities. We have national partnerships with Eboo Patel's Chicago-based Interfaith Youth Core, and have sponsored students to attend the IFYC Interfaith Leadership Institute.


Why Religious Studies?

In the 21st century, religion is as powerful a force in the world as it has ever been. In our program, you can learn about the religions of the world from books, and also from real-world experiences. We have connections with many local and regional churches, synagogues, and temples.

About Religious Studies

dr mike long calling on student from in front of whiteboard

We provide our students—whether you are a major, minor, or simply taking one course—with a wide range of perspectives and a wealth of information on one of the most controversial and fascinating topics in the contemporary world: religion.

Our degrees have a broad focus and incorporate fields that include philosophy, theology, ethics, history, anthropology, archaeology, comparative literature, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. Our students are active academics in search of purposeful life work, and we challenge them to undertake careers that address the needs of the world.

Majors in the Department of Religious Studies receive intense preparation designed to help them pursue theological study and ministry training at the graduate level, continue their academic study of religion, or make meaningful contributions in the many vocations they choose. Our courses offer all students, even those pursuing other majors, rich opportunities to explore the religious and spiritual dimensions of life, culture, and society.

Our graduates establish successful careers in teaching and ministry, as well as in diverse fields such as law and public policy.

Why Study Religion at E-town College?

Advising is personal.

Our department takes a distinct, holistic approach to advising. We don’t just suggest the best classes to take, we actually help our students plan a path for their future. Because we are a small department, every student gets the attention he or she needs.

Customize your career.

Religious Studies enhances other areas of study, so many of our students choose to double-major in fields such as Social Work, Political Science, History, and Sociology-Anthropology. Our department is also closely aligned with five interdisciplinary minors: Interfaith Leadership Studies, Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Asian Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.   

Unlock ancient languages.

Many of our alumni report they were better prepared than their peers when they entered graduate school because they had had the unusual opportunity to begin studying ancient languages, such as Hebrew and Sanskrit, at the undergraduate level.

Access a world-famous research center.

Our college is home to The Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, the premier center for Anabaptist and Pietist research. This center interprets the religious heritage and cultures of these communities and shares this remarkable research through public lectures, seminars, exhibits, and conferences.  

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