Located on the second floor of the Baugher Student Center, the Marketplace is the primary residential dining location on campus. The Marketplace is an “All-You-Care-To-Eat” facility. Hours during the academic year  are Monday thru Sunday, continuous dining from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Please note that NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE (other than water refills from the hydration station) MAY BE TAKEN OUT OF THE MARKETPLACE.  Also, keep in mind that a meal plan is for the individual who purchased it only, it is NOT to be shared.   

interior of marketplace with lots of students seated at tables

While resident students enjoy meals at the Marketplace through their meal plans, guests to the College -- parents, family, friends -- can also purchase meals. The Marketplace offers at-the-door pricing for visitors to campus. 

Spring 2017 At the Door prices

Breakfast - $7.55
Lunch/Brunch - $12.25
Dinner - $14.50

Marketplace Features

omelet station close up shot of three pans of omelets cookingThe Marketplace features hot meals each day, as well as these special features:

The Baker’s Rack – freshly baked/prepared desserts, soft serve ice cream with toppings

The Omelet Station – omelets made to order

The Garden Stop – extensive salad bar, freshly made salads, fresh fruits, and yogurt

The Center Plate – daily changing hot menu/main entrees for lunch and dinner

The Mongolian Grill – offered on a rotating basis, assorted veggies, proteins and sauces of the day cooked to order on the Mongolian grill

The Salad Toss – fresh made to order tossed salad with choice of ingredients, and is offered Monday through Friday

The Pasta Sauté – made to order pasta/sauté dishes with choice of ingredients,offered on a rotating basis

The Corner Grill and Deli – offering freshly made to order sandwiches, wraps, and hot sandwiches

The Hearth – an assortment of pizzas made in the brick oven.  This is also where the soups are kept, those change daily as well, with two flavors each day