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Institutional Research is an integral part of successful planning and decision-making by the institution. Through collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating relevant and accurate information, Institutional Research seeks to promote institutional effectiveness.

The ongoing operations of Institutional Research support short-term and long-term planning and decision-making within the College, as well as satisfy external reporting needs. Institutional Research uses a variety of methods to collect reliable and useful data related to all activities and units of the College. This includes data pertaining to enrollment, retention, student outcomes, program efficiency, finances, facilities, and more. In addition to data collection and reporting, Institutional Research conducts research to inform discussions and decisions about specific issues facing the College.

Faculty and Staff may use the links below (while on campus or through a VPN connection) to access many of the resources offered by the Office of Institutional Research. If the resource has been identified as a strategic, operational or dashboard indicator, the type of indicator will be noted in the brackets to the right of each resource.


Try beta testing one of our new interactive charts:  1) College Enrollment  or 2) Dept/Course Level Enrollment.

Full-time Enrollment [Strategic]
Full-time ALANA and International Enrollment Percentage [Strategic]
Full-time Enrollment by Ethnicity/Citizenship (Including ALANA Composition) [Strategic]
• Admissions June 30th Cohort Enrollment [Operational]
Summer Course Enrollment [Operational]
Full-time Undergraduate Enrollment [Dashboard]


Arts/Sciences versus Professional Completions - Traditional Only [Strategic]
Post-Graduate Outcomes and Reflections [Strategic]
Undergraduate Graduation and Retention Rates [Strategic]
6-Year Graduation Rates by Cohort [Student Consumer Information]
First-year to Sophomore Cohort Retention Rate [Student Consumer Information]
First-year to Sophomore Cohort Retention Rate Trends [Operational]
First-year to Sophomore Cohort Retention by Ethnicity/Citizenship [Operational]
First-year to Sophomore 5-year Cohort Average by Ethnicity/Citizenship [Operational]


Full-time Faculty by Rank and Tenure [Operational]
Full-time Faculty by Department and Rank [Operational]
Adjunct and Overload Faculty by Department [Operational]
Faculty Salary by Rank with Peer Comparison [Operational]
Faculty to Student Ratio [Dashboard]


Major Faculty and Institutional Grants [Strategic]
Student Costs by Year [Operational]
Total Gift Dollars by Type [Operational]
Tuition Revenue [Dashboard]
Endowment Market Value with Peer Comparisons [Dashboard]
Total Gift Dollars by Year [Dashboard]
Operating Margin by Year [Dashboard]
Total Assets by Year [Dashboard]


Prestigious Scholarships [Strategic]
Signature Learning Experiences [Strategic]
Institutional NSSE Senior Perceptions on Development [Strategic]
Institutional NSSE Seniors Having Race-Related Conversations [Strategic]
Institutional NSSE Student Perceptions on Academic Challenge [Operational]
Institutional NSSE Student Experiences with Faculty [Operational]
Study Abroad by Semester [Operational]
Accreditations [Dashboard]

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About Elizabethtown College

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Financial Aid

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