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25Live Scheduling System

If you have questions or comments or you would like to schedule 25Live training, please contact: Rachael Maust at

If you need to register or are having issues logging in, please contact Jill Petronio at

25LIVE is a web-based scheduling and event-publishing system that provides one centralized calendar, scheduling system and data repository for all events at Elizabethtown College. Users can:

  • check availability
  • request spaces
  • request services (e.g., set-ups, media and catering services)
  • view other activities on campus
  • promote their event
  • distribute information (e.g., tickets, contact, biography, links, parking, etc.)

Collecting the promotional content, scheduling information and service request(s) in one location has many benefits:

  • reduces the chance of wrong or outdated information being distributed
  • reduces the chance of overlooked requests
  • an event can be shown on multiple promotional calendars and weekly emails without extra request forms
  • when an event is update or canceled, all calendars and weekly emails are automatically update
  • empowers the event scheduler to “sell” their event using verbiage they feel is appropriate for their audience

Who can use 25Live

25LIVE can be viewed by anyone who visits the website: or one of the promotional calendars.

Access to request the use of space, however, is available only to registered users (approved student groups and staff and faculty members) who have logged into the system with a valid 25LIVE username and password. If you need to register or are having issues with logging in please contact Jill Petronio at

Why do I have to use 25Live

Many events and meetings take place on our campus and it’s important that they are all properly scheduled on 25LIVE, in addition to properly requesting event set-ups, media services, promotion of the event and catering services.

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