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College Bound

College Bound is a mentor program facilitated by the Center for Community and Civic Engagement in partnership between Elizabethtown College and Pennsylvania Migrant Education. The program meets as a group for socialization and workshops. Our student mentees are originally from the Nepal region in South Asia and attend high school at McCaskey High School in the School District of Lancaster. The mentees join their mentors at Elizabethtown College on a monthly basis for writing workshops and socialization. This year’s schedule also included: College classroom visits, College 101, a trip to Downtown Lancaster, and a “meet and greet” with parents of the mentees. 

2014-2015 Elizabethtown College Mentors

2013-2014 Elizabethtown College Mentors

Rebecca Anderson         Megan Stoermer
Nelli Orozco                    Bhim Thapaliya
Alexandra Plowman        Elizabeth Tracy
Casey Qunito                 Josh Wheeler
Kayla Siviy                    Allison Wormann


Elizabethtown College