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Community Based-Learning


What is Community Based Learning?

Community-Based Learning (CBL) is an instructional strategy that gives students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills from the classroom to analyze and address community problems. In so doing, students achieve a deeper and more integrated understanding of their studies while benefitting the community.

Service Learning:

Service activities are those that require personal contact with people in need. This type of service is generally the most rewarding for students because they receive immediate feedback during the process of helping others. Examples of direct service activities include students working with senior citizens in an intergenerational project, mentoring and/or tutoring young children, or working at shelters and soup kitchens. Service teaches students to take responsibility for their actions. Students also learn that they can make a difference.

Community-Based Research:

Community-Based Research (CBR) can be defined as a partnership of students, faculty, and community partners who collaboratively engage in research with the purpose of solving a pressing community problem or effecting social change. Typical CBR projects include faculty, students and community partners working together to focus local attention on pressing community needs, researching and evaluating new programs, evaluating and assessing existing programs, or creating qualitative and quantitative research tools.



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