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Awards and Scholarships

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a number of awards and scholarships to our students and alumni:

Cameron Gettel received 20ll O. F. Stambaugh award from Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer, Jr. Oscar F. Stambaugh Outstanding Alumni Award: The Oscar F. Stambaugh Outstanding Alumni Award is presented to a graduate of Elizabethtown College in recognition of distinguished professional contributions in chemistry or medicine. It is given in honor of Dr. Oscar F. Stambaugh for his many years of service and leadership in the Department of Chemistry.


Elizabeth Crow receives the 2011 CRC Freshman Achievement Award

CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: This award is given to the first-year student who distinguishes him- or herself in general chemistry. The student receives a copy of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, donated by Taylor & Francis, publishers of the handbook.

POLYED Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Award: This award is given to a chemistry major who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the two-semester organic chemistry sequence. The student receives a certificate from POLYED, a consortium of groups interested in polymer education.

Analytical Chemistry Award: This award is given to the top student in analytical chemistry. A stipulation of the award is that it be given to a student who is completing the third year of courses. Since analytical chemistry is normally taken in the second year at Elizabethtown, this award usually reflects performance in the previous year. The student receives a year's subscription to Analytical Chemistry, donated by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the ACS.

Inorganic Chemistry Award: This award is given to the top student in inorganic chemistry. The student "should have future plans that include a career in chemistry". The student receives a certificate and letter of commendation from the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the ACS.

SEPSACS Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major Award: Each year, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Section of the American Chemical Society recognizes an outstanding senior chemistry major from each of the colleges in the area it serves. These awards are presented at the Whalen Memorial Education Night meeting. Following the introduction of each award recipient to the professional chemistry community, she/he is presented with a copy of the Merck Index, donated by the local section.

A. C. Baugher Chemistry Award: The A. C. Baugher Chemistry Award was established in memory of Dr. A. C. Baugher, Professor of Chemistry for 19 years, Dean of the College for 13 of those years, and ninth President of Elizabethtown College, serving in that capacity from 1941-1961. The award is presented to a senior chemistry major who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance. Tangible evidence of the award takes the form of a check for $250, the funds being provided by an interested donor.

ACS Student Affiliates Award: This award is given by the student affiliates chapter of the ACS to a deserving chemistry major. It is normally given to a student in the sophomore year, although exceptions are allowed.

Awards for presentations at the ISC Conventions: Each year, the Intercollegiate Student Chemists holds a convention at which students present their research in oral presentations. Presentations in each of the areas of chemistry are judged and the two best presentations are recognized with award certificates. Elizabethtown College has received its share of these award over the years.

Sallie K. Schaeffer & Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer M.D. Chemistry Scholarship: This scholarship is presented to a deserving chemistry major in recognition of outstanding academic performance and financial need.

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Weaver Medical Technology Award: This award was presented to the student who showed the most promise in the area of medical technology. Since the department no longer offers a degree in medical technology, this award is no longer presented.


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