Faculty Governance Committees


Faculty Assembly Officers/Executive Council

President                                    April Kelly-Woessner               2016-19

Vice President                            Susan Mapp                            2016-17

Secretary                                    Kirsten Johnson                      2016-18

Chair of Academic Council         Barry Wittman                         2016-17

Chair of Personnel Council         Bryan Greenberg                    2016-17       

Executive Council Responsibilities:  Executive Council shall be the council primarily responsible for assisting the Faculty in the discharge of its governance duties and shall provide a channel of communication and consultation between the President of the College and the Faculty with respect to their joint and several responsibilities in the governance of the College.


Councils Responsible to Faculty Assembly

Academic Council Members

Physics/Natural Sciences                     Aaron Cecala, Chair       2015-18

Physics/Natural Sciences                     James MacKay               2016-19

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences       Michael Swanson           2014-17

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences       Vanessa Borilot              2016-19

Professional Studies Faculty                Linda Leimbach              2014-17

Professional Studies Faculty                Ann Marie Potter            2015-18

Faculty (At large)                                  Dmitriy Krichevskiy         2016-19                       

Faculty (At large)                                  Barry Wittman,Vice Chair   2015-18

Faculty (At large)                                  Jodi Yorty, Secretary       2014-17                       

Dean for AA&FD                                  Kristi Kneas

Registrar                                              Brian Newsome

Director of Academic Advising             Stephanie Rankin

Academic Council:  Academic Council proposes academic policy and is the overseer and evaluator of the curriculum of the College and the quality of its academic program. The Council's function is to consider academic questions that are fundamental in nature and broad-based in scope including, especially, the core curriculum. In performing its function, Academic Council initiates and continuously reviews policy regarding admissions standards, degree requirements, and the content and quality of the overall curriculum and the academic programs. All academic policies, procedures and decisions having broad or campus-wide implications must be submitted for approval at the next meeting of the Faculty Assembly.

Judicial Council Members

Physics/Natural Sciences                     Gary Hoffman                          2014-17

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences        Montserrat Linares-Farras      2015-18

Professional Studies Faculty                Sean Melvin                             2015-18

Faculty (At large)                                 David Brown                             2016-19

Faculty (At large)                                 Elizabeth Newell, Chair            2014-17

Faculty (At large)                                 Diane Bridge                            2016-19    

Judicial Council Responsibilities:  When questions concerning this Constitution arise, Judicial Council shall reach an interpretive decision and then report to the Faculty Assembly. Any decision shall take effect when reported to a meeting of the Faculty Assembly unless such decision is set aside at that meeting by a motion receiving the support of two-thirds of the voting members present. Detailed description of the appeals, faculty complaints, review and adjudication can be found in the faculty handbook.

Personnel Council Members

Physics/Natural Sciences                        Jane Cavender                                 2015-18

Humanities/F&PA,Social Sciences          Rita Shah                                         2016-19

Professional Studies Faculty                   Bryan Greenberg, Chair                   2014-17

Faculty (At large)                                     Richard Wolf-Spencer, Secretary     2015-18

Faculty (At large)                                     Jeff Rood                                          2016-19

Faculty (At large)                                     Matthew Fritz                                   2014-17

President                                                 Carl Strikwerda                                          

Director of Human Resources                 Richelyn Mekile

Personnel Council Responsibilities:  Responsibilities for the Personnel Council shall, as a designee of the Faculty, advise the President on policies and procedures related to the College's administrative structure and functions. Only Personnel Council shall negotiate on behalf of the faculty for leaves, salary increases, fringe benefits, promotion, tenure, professional expectations and other personnel matters related to the professional performance or welfare of the Faculty.


Additional Committee information is posted in the Faculty Assembly Shared Folder.  You may contact Peggy Stauffer in the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Office for a complete committee list.