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Communications/Assistive Specs


Communications & Assistive Listening Systems

  • Control Booth - Clear-Com MS-222 two channel base station
  • Box Office - Clear-Com KB-111A Speaker Station w/ HS-6 Phone Handset
  • Rear House Right - Clear-Com MR-102-A Remote Station w/ HS-6 Phone Handset
  • Off Stage Left - Clear-Com KB-111A Speaker Station w/ HS-6 Phone Handset
  • Off Center Stage - Clear-Com KB-111A Speaker Station
  • Off Stage Right - Clear-Com KB-111A Speaker Station w/ HS-6 Phone Handset
  • Green Room - Clear-Com KB-112 Speaker Station


Headsets & Beltpacks

  •    6 Clear-Com RS-501 Belt Pack
  •    2 Clear-Com CC-85 Single Ear Head Set
  •    4 Clear-Com CC-95 Single Ear Head Set
  •    1 Clear-Com CC-250 Double Ear Head Set
  •    4 Clear-Com HS-6 Phone Handset (Base Station, Off SL, Off SR, Box Office, & Rear House Right)
  •    2 Telex PH88 Light Single Ear Head Set


  Additional Intercom Inputs

  •   Front of Balcony
  •   Designers Desk
  •   1st Floor Rear H..L.
  •   1st Floor Rear H.R.
  •   F.O.H. Electrics Catwalk H.L. & H.R.
  •   Control Booth (2 in addition to the main station)



  •    Control Booth 717-361-1523
  •    Off Stage Right 717-361-1523
  •    Box Office 717-361-1515
  •    Main Lobby 717-361-2040


Assistive Listening System

  •    Telex AAT-2 Sound Enhancement Transmitter (Channel H - 72.8 MHz)
  •    Telex Sound Mate SR-100 16 Channel Receivers
  •    Available with earbud or neckloop.

Units can be obtained at the Box Office and the Sound Booth.

Please Note:
The ALS system is only available in Musser Auditorium. A second portable system is available upon prior arrangement for use with translator or exterior rooms.

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