Miscellaneous Specs

Pianos & Organs

  • 1) 9' Baldwin Concert Grand - Musser Auditorium
  • 1) 9' Baldwin Concert Grand - Musser Auditorium (Property of Music from Gretna - may not be available)
  • 1) 7' Yamaha Grand - Performance & Rehearsal Room
  • 1) Electronic Britson Musicworks Organ - Musser Auditorium


Dressing Areas

  • Green Room (through hallway off stage left)
  • Rest rooms w/ shower (handicap accessible)
  • Curtained Changing Area (behind stage) - water cooler


  • Special Parking needs arranged through College Relations


Crewing Information

  • Technical Manager is the only permanent technical staff position.
  • There are Student Technical Assistants during the academic year.
  • Additional crew members are hired from the local entertainment industry and student population as needed.
  • F.O.H. staff consists of Student Managers and Workers from the Chapel production offices


Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Economy Traveler TV/25 One Man Elevating Work Platform is available with prior arrangements.
  • Large Lectern w/ shock mounts for SM99-18 mics
  • Small Lectern w/ mounts for SM99-18 mics
  • 18" goose neck podium lights w/ dimmer
  • Chairs, tables, music stands, risers, platforms, and other furniture/equipment can be provided with prior arrangements


Additional audio/visual equipment may be available through Media Services with prior notification and upon approval of the Director of M.S. and the Chapel Technical Manager.