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Etown's Finest: Exemplary Papers


The following papers were written by students who granted written permission for their work to be posted here.  It is our hope that others can learn from reading well-written college papers because the standards for college writing are higher than in high school.  We also hope the authors of these papers feel an added sense of recognition for this fine work.

Opinion Piece by Elinor Curry, class of 2018, titled, "Abortions Happen, Let Them Be Safe"

Opinion Piece by Corinne McCarthy, class of 2018, titled, "Kill the Death Penalty"

Research paper by Megan McNaul, class of 2016, winner of the 2012 Anna Carper Excellence in Library Research Award, titled, "Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls in the United States"

A rumination on Shakespeare by Erica Buckley, class of 2018, titled, "More Than Just Words: Concerning Shakespeare"

An examination of mental disorders by Hannah Beatty, class of 2018, titled, "Treating Mental Disorders: Time to Tear Down the Barriers"

Opinion piece by Jennifer Lloyd, class of 2018, titled, "No Child Left Behind: A Fatality to Education"

An argumentative piece by Lauren Richards, class of 2019, titled, "A Vicious Cycle: Implementing Universal Helmet Laws for Bikers"

Opinion piece by Abigail Drumheller, class of 2019, titled, "Value of Childhood Vaccinations"

An essay by Ann Cosgrove, class of 2019, titled, "There will be Helicopter Parents to Pay"

A expository piece by Sarah Kaden, class of 2020, titled, "Food Waste in America"

An argumentative piece by Margo Donlin, class of 2019, titled, "Feasibility of Renewable Energy in America"

Additional papers will be posted soon.


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