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A Bird's-eye Overview - Writing: Whew! What a Process!

Not Just For Writing Majors!

Keep in mind that The Writing Wing isn't only for students in writing classes, for English or Communications majors, or for students enrolled in the Professional Writing program – it is for everyone in the Elizabethtown community, including faculty and staff, who must write for Elizabethtown College classes or work.

As students know, writing is an intensive process. The writing process involves these steps:

  • Brainstorming
  • Freewriting
  • Research
  • Outlining
  • Drafting
  • Proofreading for grammar, style, spelling, punctuation, sense, meaning, diction, continuity, transition, and clarity (and that's not all).  Review our grammar and punctuation tutorials for exercises to build your skills.
  • Revision (proofreading and revision are components of editing)
  • Using and checking particular reference styles (Modern Language Association, American Psychological Association, University of Chicago, The Associated Press)

What to Expect in the Writing Wing

In the Elizabethtown College Writing Wing, nestled in the Learning Services department, trained student writing tutors provide students with guidance to produce well-written essays, research papers, presentations, stories, and articles for classes across the Elizabethtown College curriculum.

Here’s a bonus, too: Not only are the writing tutors trained to meet students’ writing needs, but they are peers who have been through many of the courses taught by the same faculty members as the students coming into The Writing Wing.

Writing Wing tutors are recommended by faculty and also apply for positions that The Writing Wing advertises in various venues, and they must be interviewed just as any candidate for a job in the so-called “working world” (as though college students don’t work!) outside school would. The tutors regularly attend workshops offered by the faculty fellow in the writing center concerning elements of the writing process. The tutors then carry this knowledge to students who make appointments at The Writing Wing for one-on-one sessions in which tutors guide students toward writing goals.

Special Accommodations

Students with print (vision, reading) disorders requiring screen readers during tutoring sessions should contact Lynne Davies at or Tammie Longsderff at to ensure accessibility.

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