Data Analytics Minor

Our Data Analytics minor is designed to provide students with an overview of big data, one of the most prominent, in-demand and growing fields. You will gain the ability to manage, process, analyze, and interpret data through taking a variety of courses, across several fields, in preparation for a career in a business environment.

Why Study Data Analytics at E-town?

Our Data Analytics minor provides a unique curriculum that integrates courses from the business, computer science, and math departments, allowing you to gain a well-rounded perspective on the applications of data analytics.

A Great Addition to Any Major

Our Data Analytics minor complements many of the majors we offer at E-town. The interdisciplinary nature of our Data Analytics minor is designed to educate students about the application of data to solve real-world problems and to understand and interpret data in a way that will best serve a business or organization. Students who complete this program are prepared with the quantitative skills needed to serve in a wide variety of industries.

SAS Joint Certificate in Data Analytics

sasIn addition to the Data Analytics minor, students may also pursue an SAS Joint Certificate in Data Analytics. Elizabethtown College is one of the few colleges in Pennsylvania to offer this certification to students enrolled in a data analytics minor. The certificate is available at no additional cost and can help you gain the in-demand skills that businesses are looking for, giving you a competitive edge in the job market upon graduation. The minor also requires a capstone course that engages students in solving real-world problems, in collaboration with regional firms.

Data Analytics Courses

Students who complete the minor will be required to take courses in computer science, data analytics and mathematics, in addition to an approved Massive Open Online Course. (MOOC) These courses include the following:

  • DAT 200 – Data Analytics I
  • DAT 300 – Data Analytics II
  • DAT 315 – Machine Learning in R
  • CS 113 – NPS The Power and Beauty of Computing or CS 121 Computer Science I
  • MA 251 – MA Probability and Statistics
  • MA 252 – Statistical Methods in Research or EC 410 Econometrics
  • DAT 400 – Data Analytics Capstone
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

Looking Ahead: Data Analytics Minor Outcomes

Pairing our Data Analytics minor with a major of interest opens up a variety of career pathways for our students. For instance, business majors with a data analytics minor could potentially work in fields such as marketing analytics, Human Resources analytics, finance analytics, e-commerce, or accounting analytics.