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Global Opportunities in Social Work at E-town

Social Work majors are highly encouraged to study or intern abroad in places such as India.

Why Study Social Work at Elizabethtown College?

We're an active learning community, from fieldwork experience to service-learning and study abroad opportunities.

Areas of Study

Social Work is a multi-faceted profession concerned with change on an individual, community, national, and international level.

About Social Work

If you are interested in pursuing a career in social work, you are likely already passionate about serving others.

Our Faculty and Staff

Susan MappSusan Mapp
Associate Professor
Department Chair | 717-361-3766

Susan Mapp, MSSW, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department

Her areas of specialty include human trafficking, international social work, violations of children's rights and program evaluation.  She has published research on these topics including a book on international social work and one on global issues of children's welfare.  She is currently writing a book on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.  She serves on the Commission of Global Social Work Education for the Council on Social Work Education and is on the editorial board of several journals dealing with social work education and international social work.

She teaches a First-Year Seminar on Global Child Welfare and Well-being, SW 160: Social Problems, SW 330: Social Work Research Methods as well as SW 260: International Social Development.  She has led a number of short-term study abroad experiences and works with the seniors who are completing an international internship.

Andy L. Dunlap
Assistant Professor | 717-361-1446      Andy Dunlap

Andy L. Dunlap, Ph.D., LCSW is an Assistant Professor of Social Work and joined the Elizabethtown College faculty in 2013.  He received his MSW from the University of Kansas School for Social Welfare in 1997 and his Ph.D. from Smith College School of Social Work in 2012.  His dissertation, Changes in the Coming Out Process Over Time, received the Roger Miller Award Grant for outstanding doctoral research.  In addition to researching the coming out process, he is very interested in cross cultural counseling and education.

Dr. Dunlap has spent most of his social work career as a college counselor, helping young adults navigate mental health needs.  He currently teaches SW 280:Multicultural Counseling Skills, SW 160: Social Problems and the Response of Social Welfare Institutions, and participates in social work field education.

Peggy L. McFarlandPeggy McFarland
Director of Field Instruction | 717-361-1319

Peggy McFarland, Ph.D., LCSW, is a Professor of Social Work and has been at the college since 1990.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, earning her MSW from Marywood College and a Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore.  Dr. McFarland is the co-founder of Senior Management Services, a firm that has provided eldercare management and direction since 1990.  She is a practicing geriatric social worker and has experience in adult day care, home health care, corporate elder care and dementia care.  Dr. McFarland has conducted research on male caregivers with family members with Alzheimer's Disease and long term care concerns in the Caribbean Region of the world.

She teaches SW 367: Practice l, SW 344: Aging, SW 339: Human Sexuality, SW 498: Senior Seminar and a First-Year Seminar on Aging and Health Care Controversies.  Dr. McFarland has also lead student groups on short-term service learning trips to Ireland, Thailand and Vietnam.  She recently lead her fourth trip to Vietnam in May 2013.

Kate EberzKate Eberz
Adjunct | 717-361-1310    

Kate Eberz is a 2005 graduate of Elizabethtown College Social Work Department.  She has practiced in the areas of child welfare and substance abuse and is currently working in a treatment setting for substance use disorders. 

She teaches Human Behavior in the Social Environment and Field Instruction I.


Deb GadsdenSusan Mapp
Adjunct | 717-361-1527

Deb Gadsden works full-time as a training specialist for Diakon/Family Design Resources, the prime contractor for the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN).

She is a licensed social worker, a certified trainer for the PA Child Welfare Training Program and teaches Human Behavior and Child Welfare.

Heather TeterHeather Teter
Adjunct | 717-361-1527      

Heather Teter is a licensed social worker and works full-time at Milton Hershey School as the Coordinator of Student Health Services.

She teaches Mental Health Issues, Generalist Social Work Practice II, and Multicultural Counseling Skills.

Sonnya NievesSusan Mapp
Adjunct | 717-361-1527

Sonnya Nieves is a licensed school social worker and works full-time at Milton Hershey School.

She teaches Support Services in a School Environment and Addictions & Society.

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