Computer Diagnostics

Many perceived computer and electronic problems are often the result of operator or software errors. The Client Services Help Desk is available to help troubleshoot and resolve these problems. Many times, these are simple issues and can be resolved on the spot.

For more advanced issues, the Help Desk provides diagnostic appointments throughout the semester. These diagnostic appointments can be scheduled by calling the Help Desk at x3333 (717-361-3333 from off-campus). A technician will be scheduled to review your computer. They will attempt to repair any software problems and will diagnose any hardware issues.

The diagnostic appointments are not intended to repair hardware problems. In fact, the technicians will not assist with these repairs. In the event the problem is hardware-related, the technician will provide information about the repair. For warranty repairs, this means contacting the manufacturer. For out-of-warranty repairs, the technician can provide recommendations for several local vendors.

Helpful Hints for Diagnostic Appointments

  • Schedule an appointment before bringing your computer in. Computers will not be accepted without an appointment.
  • Make sure you have all of the original CDs for your computer – and bring them with you.
  • It is your responsibility to back-up all files. Although the technicians will work to preserve your files, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure they are safe.