Upon Graduation

Computing Tasks to Complete:

  1. Manage your email account to remove any unnecessary messages; notify senders of your address change.
    Email accounts are closed one year after graduation.
  2. Manage your network folders to remove any unneeded files, and copy any files you wish to keep to your computer.
    Network folders are closed one month after graduation.
  3. Manage your account on users.etown.edu to reduce storage, and/or transition to a new webhost.
    Users websites are closed one year after graduation.
  4. Remove any college provided software (instructions are available in this knowledgebase article).
    Licenses expire upon graduation.

Accounts are closed one year following graduation.  This includes e-mail accounts, network folders, websites and any E-town managed service.  Reminder e-mails will be sent out prior to the date these services are terminated.