Implementation of the Emergency Management Group Operations


The Emergency Action Plan is brought into action by declaration of a state of emergency by Command being the President of the College, the Provost and Senior Vice President and/or the Vice President for Administration & Finance.  Once a declaration of a state of emergency has been invoked, the Core Team Members of the Emergency Management Group and  Advisory Team Members of the Emergency Management Group, for the duration of the emergency are temporarily relieved of normal, non-emergency related duties, so as to concentrate more fully on the emergency at hand.

The President of the College maintains executive control of the Emergency Action Plan.  Ground level operational implementation and direction of the plan is responsibility of the Vice President for Administration & Finance or designee and the other members of the Emergency Management Group. The College personnel and equipment will be utilized to provide priority protection for life, preservation of property, and restoration of the academic and other programs of the College.

In conjunction with the EMG, the Incident Commander IC(s) and additional governmental agencies having jurisdiction insure that emergencies are dealt within a proper, proportional and efficient manner.  The EMG will make every effort to involve any outside agencies having jurisdiction in order to insure that the interest of the authorities, the surrounding community and the college are addressed and in proper balance.

In general, the EMG directs all emergency related activities.  The IC(s) and governmental groups oversee the technical aspects of the response.

Responsibilities of the EMG include:

  • Direct activities relating to the Emergency
  • Communication
  • Life Safety Issues
  • Property Conservation Issues
  • Community Outreach
  • Recovery and Restoration Activities
  • Administration and Logistics

Emergency procedures guidelines for the campus community are accessible by clicking here.