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Transfer of Dual Enrollment Credits

DUAL ENROLLMENT refers to the practice of a student being enrolled at two schools simultaneously, as may occur when an advanced high school student registers to take a course from a college or university.

Students can transfer courses from accredited institutions that are judged by the Registrar and the appropriate Department (in the case of courses for a major/minor) to be high quality, involve active delivery methods (ongoing exchange of ideas with an instructor) and are consistent with the mission and program goals of Elizabethtown College. No online courses that are independent study or correspondence can be transferred. In order for incoming students to be awarded credit for a course taken during high school (whether taken as “dual-enrollment” credits or as unique credits during high school), the course must have been taken at the credit-granting institution and meet the other criteria for transfer of courses.

First-Year or Transfer students wishing to submit a transcript for consideration of college transfer credit taken while enrolled in high school should submit the First-Year College Credit Transfer Evaluation Form to the Office of Registration and Records in addition to the official transcript.

First-Year  College Credit Transfer Evaluation Form

The transcribed course must meet the following criteria under a DUAL credit arrangement:

  • The college is regionally accredited
  • The course was physically taught at the credit-granting institution
  • The course was taught by a faculty member of the credit-granting institution
  • The course was NOT specifically constructed for high school students
  • The course was intended for and enrolls college students
    (The course was open to currently enrolled undergraduate students at the credit-granting institution, i.e. college students were not prohibited from registering into the course completed by the high school student.)

This model is consistent with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, AAC&U. The College transfers credits – but not grades or quality points – for course work taken at another regionally accredited institution for which a grade of C- or better is obtained. The College does not accept courses taken Pass/No Pass (or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) at other institutions. The College is not obligated to accept course work for which written permission was not obtained prior to enrollment in the course.

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