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Veteran's Benefits and Info

Elizabethtown College, in conjunction with the Veterans/Military Education State Approving Agency, manages veterans education benefits for students attending Elizabethtown College.

Certifying Official

Ms. Katharine Daniels

Katharine Daniels is a member of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, located in Hoover.

  • Phone: 717.361.1411
  • Mail: 
    School of Continuing and Professional Studies
    Attn: Katharine Daniels
    Elizabethtown College
    One Alpha Drive
    Elizabethtown, PA 17022



Reservists Called to Active Duty Policy

While the Veterans Administration and the American Council on Education have not mandated policies for colleges/universities whose students are called to active duty, the American Council on Education has provided guidelines for these situations:

  • 100% tuition refund through the 8th week of the semester.
  • Pro rated refund for room/board charges.
  • No notations made on the permanent record card.
  • After the eighth week, grades of “I” (incompletes) or “W” (withdrawals) are given – based upon the students’ preferences.
  • Tuition refund is given for only courses with grades of “W”.
  • If the withdrawal is during the last two full weeks of the term (last week of classes and finals week), full course credit is to be awarded and grades earned by the time of activation shall be posted.
  • A copy of the activation paper is filed in the student’s folder
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Downloadable Forms and Email Request

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