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Transfer Credits: Off-Campus Approvals

Consider the following when investigating off-campus study:

  • NOT all Online course options are transferrable
  • Students with 60 or more earned credits CANNOT take a course at a Community College
  • Only Credits transfer; but, grades do NOT transfer
  • The course MUST be letter-graded (courses graded P/NP will not transfer).
  • The course may not be acceptable for an Elizabethtown College degree
  • College has a residency requirement
  • Courses may not be repeated at another institution
  • The institution must be accredited by one of the regionally accrediting institutions; and
  • The course may be in quarter credits rather than semester credits

Students can transfer courses from accredited institutions that are judged by the Registrar and the appropriate Department (in the case of courses for a major/minor) to be high quality, involve active delivery methods (ongoing exchange of ideas with an instructor) and are consistent with the mission and program goals of Elizabethtown College.

A current student who wishes to transfer credits to Elizabethtown College must obtain permission in advance from the Office of Registration and Records by submitting an off-campus approval form .

Transfer student course evaluations are evaluated on an individual basis.

Catalog Policy

Please review all Academic Policies especially the College's Transfer Credit Policy when considering off-campus study ....  Catalog Policy

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Downloadable Forms and Email Request

Downloadable Forms and Email Request

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